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Shit I Seen At This Party Tho

So there was a party last night that I already intended on going to, but then was told they may need help bartending so I was certain to go

I didn’t wind up bartending, but observed a bunch of things I found amusing, odd, and/or ridiculous that I decided to take note of on my phone to blog about later

The List, as recorded on my phone:

-Girl in an outfit she has no business wearing
-Girls pouring a whole bottle of vodka into a punch bowl of Kool-Aid made with individual packets
-These same niggas then tryna charge 5 dollars a glass for Kool-Aid and vodka
-Dudes stapling rugs to walls
-Dudes beginning to clean up their place after people showed up
-Unspecified white powder shit
-No toilet paper on the roll (in their defense, they had some on top of the toilet)
-The cleanest room in the house was the one where they smoked all their weed
-An otherwise reasonably attractive dude wearing a gold grill on his bottom row of teeth — never met anyone in real life with a grill
-I seen people flee an entire corridor after someone so thoroughly stank up the adjacent bathroom
-A creeper with a professional video camera when ‘Pop That’ and ‘Bandz a Make her Dance’ came on
-After I expressed concern that the party would set off the fire alarm, I seen a bustedass smoke detector. Looks like no alarm is going off today 

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