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I was just watching a judicial confirmation hearing and they’re so silly. It’s just a bunch of congressmen going ‘but wHAT ABOUT THIS’ and nominees being like ‘..I would follow the law.’

Anonymous asked:

I didnt make law review or moot court. If i dont find an internship for 2L school year will it look really bad? I want to do public interest law, thanks!


What do you mean, internship for 2L school year? You mean summer? 

Public interest jobs are difficult to secure right out of law school, too, but definitely try to find something relevant for your 2L summer and hustle. Good luck!

Yeah as a public interesty person, those types of organizations are definitely very concerned with what you have to show for your commitment to public interest work. I’ve found that what I’ve done and my passion for social justice has been more important than my grades. If it’s possible for you to gain some public interest street cred by doing an internship during the semester, I definitely recommend it!

If it’s not possible, try to do pro bono work where it pops up, and involve yourself with your law school’s civil rights/human rights/etc student groups. Make sure they know you’re legit. Good luck public interest friend <3

Man I just finished (re)watching all of Buffy and there are SO MANY FEELINGS in my heart right now

especially Spike feelings 

Do any pimps currently advertise Best Bang for your Buck or can I be the first

When I Broke 1500 Followers

Yaaay <3 Thank you friends :)

My mind has like two settings

First, what is this nonsense

And second, (after identifying the nonsense) this is some bullshit


I actually lost some followers after that Hobby Lobby post. For those people…I’m not really sure what you were expecting when you decided to follow me.

My profile picture is literally that of RBG flipping you off.


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