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happy easter

The greatest mistake I’ve ever made was looking at the serving size on this box of girl scout cookies





Law School Optimism

  • Me: We're almost real people with no more exams?
  • M: I mean this is true but before we get there we have to do the exams
  • Me: Lol dammit M
  • M: It's like "We're almost at a castle, but to get there you have to swim through the alligator-filled moat. ONLY KIND OF COMFORTING."
  • Me: Aaaah. ... I don't swim well.

I was just scoping out fellowships for post-graduation, and I was thinking that I should totally not get married until at least a large part of my loans are paid off (/forgiven). Not that it’s on the radar or anything cuz I don’t have a man, but I don’t want these fellowship people taking spousal income/joint assets into account.

Unless I land me some dude who’s rich.  Then they can take into account all they want.


There was a preliminary conference about that bullshit case I was writing some of the motion to dismiss for, and the judge went all the way in on that lawyer for bringing that racist nonsense before the court.  After the case was done the attorney still expressed some foolishness in the hallway, and my boss-lady further laid in to him.

It was beautiful.


Law School: where it’s socially acceptable to say ‘I have that feeling I get pre-anxiety attacks so I think I’m gonna go home’

Columbia Law Revue’s submission to the Above the Law video contest!

You need like a spa or a therapist or a dick or something.

—S, in response to my growing neuroticism

I’m kind of glad that the Scandal finale is going to happen before my exams start..although on the other hand, I totally threw in the towel and watched Scandal the night before my best exam so far

and I’m still not done with House of Cards yet