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I am always in the right place at the right time for a free drink

  • Big Law Firm Partner: At our firm parties, I often have coke--
  • Firm Panel Moderator: COCA COLA.

Attending an OCS event even though I’m never going to a firm, eating their cheese and typing up my Anti-Discrimination lecture notes. I am a parody of myself.

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All’s fair in love and law journals. — T

Anonymous asked:

Sexual attraction patterns are set early in life and are very resistant to change. I'm generally not attracted to black women, and at almost 30, that's really unlikely to change. It doesn't make me racist, it just means I grew up in a racist culture, which affected me when I was a preteen, which I've consciously worked on overcoming. Berating people for being honest about something they have no control doesn't do much to further the goal of equality and just makes people more defensive.


Hey asshole, first of all, if you somehow think all black women are the fucking same, you’re fucking racist as shit, and the fact that you think you have no control over this, or can’t at least find the basic decency to shut the fuck up and be embarrassed about this terrible part of your racist brain, that’s what makes you extra racist. Who the fuck cares if racists get defensive, they fucking should, you idiot.